The Architectural Render (Architectural Visualisation or Archiviz) is today a basic element of real estate promotion and part of the service offered by architectural firms. Standard software packages used in architectural design, allows the client to view properties and environments. Usually, however, the furnishing is limited to standard objects, the outdoor settings are unrealistic and the quality of lighting and materials is lower than that achievable through dedicated software.

The models generated by programs like Archicad are basically devoid of all the details that make a credible, comfortable and realistic environment. Door and window frames, electrical sockets, curtains and, of course, furniture, objects, paintings, carpets, fabrics, etc.

Thanks to a long experience gained in all sectors of 3D graphics (animation, illustration, VR-Tour, architectural visualizations), I’m able to offer high quality results, timely delivery and competitive costs.

Every assignment is treated in every detail and tastefully furnished, either according to your wishes or according to our experience, based on the type of property being advertised. Particular attention is given to materials and lighting in order to create attractive environments in which the potential buyer can identify.



The object can be modelled starting from plans or, if you work in 3D (Archicad), directly from the exported file (in .obj format). In this case the work is facilitated and the cost is lower. For best results in close-up views, all details will be reconstructed (fixtures, balustrades, etc.). Parks, gardens, terraces will be furnished with the corresponding elements: plants, hedges, furniture, etc. The property can be placed in a simplified environment or inserted in a picture of the actual situation. In the latter case, the image will have to be processed: i.e. removal of buildings, perspective correction, etc.



Whether the environments are derived from your 3D file or created based on plans, it will be necessary to model all the details that make a realistic environment: door and window frames, lamps, fixtures, switches, etc. Further, it will be furnished according to the required views. We have a vast archive of furniture, kitchens and accessories, referring to this archive reduces costs. It is possible to request specific furniture, for example from major design houses and brands: furniture from almost all the major design companies are available on the market.

The customer decides the number of views (e.g. from the terrace to the outside, from the inside with a view, multiple rooms in perspective, etc.). To give the customer maximum flexibility, the rooms are furnished completely and in every detail.



In addition to the standard views, we can create 360o panoramic views with navigation from one room to another via Hotspot.

These VR-Tours can be viewed on the internet while offering, on mobile phones and tablets, an Augmented Reality experience where you inspect the room by simply turning the device.