With the same techniques used in the Architectural Visualization, we are able to create accurate reconstructions of historical environments.




Thanks to the recent developments in acquisition technology, it is now possible to obtain 3D images from a series of photographs taken with a digital camera. And this without having to place special markers on the subject, without the need to manually align hundreds of reference points and with astounding results.

As a specialist in 3D graphics, with a long experience in modeling and visualization, I’m able to offer you unique services in the field of digital reconstruction of places, environments and objects.



The scanned model, properly prepared:

 ▪ is navigable in all dimensions and viewable as a virtual tour

 ▪ can be seen from any angle and from any height

 ▪ can be marked with colours to indicate the architectural phases

 ▪ can be completed with missing parts

 ▪ can be animated to indicate construction phases, demolitions, additions, etc.


If integrated with video footage or other systems it is possible to:

 ▪ insert real or virtual characters (e.g. in period costumes)

 ▪ use it as a background (virtual set) for shooting

 ▪ enrich it with vehicles, accessories, situations

Anatomical Theater (1700)

VR-tour - cliccare per vederlo