I develop and implement design solutions for a wide range of digital needs and requirements. I build prototypes and reproductions of antique scientific instruments, reproduce digitally objects which, which, due their scale or material, are difficult or impossibile to photograph, create 3d flowcharts and transform various business scenarios into interactive, static or animated charts that enable the end-users to analyze complex data.

3d Design  applied to exhibition stands design, advertisement, logo design, brochure illustration, etc

I can recreate any setting or landscape: fantasy, natural, hystorical, archeological and animate them to show development, degradation or modifications due to natural phenomena.


MAXON, the company behind one of the best 3D programs, Cinema 4D, besides using various illustrations of mine in their website, has published the above image in their 2013 calendar.


3D Digital illustration in the commercial

and editorial field

Digigraphy: personal research